Frequently Asked Questions

Every property differs.  Call for a custom quote.  Beyond just a ‘cut and trim’, we will consult with you based on your goals, property size and the care your lawn requires, then we will provide a quote that is specific to providing your lawn the attention it deserves so it looks like the lawn you have dreamed about. 

This depends on the type of grass you havethe season and your watering schedule.  Once your lawn is established in the Spring, lawns usually require a weekly cut.  In the hotter months, we may suggest cutting slightly less often to allow the grass blades to stay a little longer, so, they provide shade for the soil and the turf to remain healthier.  This will also discourage weed growth.  As the weather starts to cool and the moisture levels begin to rise, your grass will grow more rapidly increasing the frequency back to weekly.  We will also adjust the height of the blade to accommodate for the winter preparation period. 

Yes. We can schedule our services around your conflicts.  Also, if you have a gathering at your home, we can make certain your lawn looks perfect that day. 

In the mornings between about 5:00 and 9:30 so the water does not evaporate like during the peak hours.  It’s best not to water at night because the water can puddle and increase the risk of lawn mold.  You also want the roots to be hydrated and healthy when the sun is beating down later in the day. 

The simple answer is ‘yes’.  However, there are times to aerate and dethatch and there are times to let the healthy thatch do its job in keeping the ground cooler. 

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